Deciding how to invest your hard-earned money shouldn’t be hard work.

We understand what it took to earn your money. Let us show you how we can put it to work.
Explore our funds, investment performance track record, and some real-life stories of fellow hard-working South Africans here.

It’s not just money, it’s your money.

We all earn our money in different ways, which is why we construct funds to meet your needs.

We put your money to work.

For us, it’s about delivering market-beating returns that create long-term wealth for you.

We aim to make the most of what you’ve worked for.

Anyone can work hard for a day, we build funds that work hard over decades.

Find a fund that’s right for you.

It’s not easy deciding how to invest your hard-earned money. Explore our fund options for one that matches your investment goals.


Risk that’s worth the reward.

Paul Egnos’ Story.



You don’t have to be a fireman to understand sacrifice. Missing special events and important occasions is often the price that we all pay. Like Paul, we still know that hard work is always worth the reward.

Ready yourself for the future.

Connie Mdladla’s Story.



Climbing the corporate ladder is hard. It takes unwavering confidence and courage, as well as the power of conviction.

When security matters as much as opportunity.

Irvin Mazibuko’s Story.



When you have a family your own needs often come second. This might make you more cautious about investing. Like Irvin, you don’t have to compromise on your long-term goals.