New to investing?

Pieter Koekemoer, our head of Personal Investments, takes you through the basics.

With just R500 and a little commitment you’re already an investor.

Pieter explains what you need to succeed.

Choosing a fund shouldn’t be hard work. That’s why in this episode Pieter offers a few pearls of wisdom to choosing the right fund for you.

Everything you need to know.

Pieter explores the various options and weighs up the advantages.

Risk can mean exactly how it sounds, but in this episode, Pieter explains how risk comes in varying degrees, and you choose the one that suits you.

The benefits of investing offshore and how to do it.

The most common, and often the worst, mistakes investors can make.

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It’s not just money. It’s your money

We all earn our money in different ways, which is why we construct funds to meet your needs.

We put your money to work

For us, it’s about delivering market-beating returns that create long-term wealth for you.

We aim to make the most of what you’ve worked for

Anyone can work hard for a day, we build funds that work hard over decades.