We aim to make the most of what you’ve worked for.

Anyone can work hard for a day, find out how we build funds that work hard for decades.

Investing for the long term has delivered extraordinary results for our clients over the past 23 years.

Consider an investment of R100 000 on the JSE 20 years ago. Today, this would be worth R1.3 million – 13 times as much. Not a bad outcome. Now couple that with the rewards of outperforming the market. Had you invested in the Coronation Equity Fund instead, your investment would be worth R2.4 million – 24 times your original capital. Significantly better. Our commitment to our clients has always been the same: to ensure the best possible future outcomes for your hard-earned money.


We put your money to work.

For us, it’s about delivering market-beating returns that create long-term wealth for you.

It’s not just money. It’s your money.

We all earn our money in different ways, which is why we construct funds to meet your needs.